[youtube 1lojixqPEgs]

Following the success of AMC’s Mad MenTNT Network rolls out a new drama tonight at 10 PM EST called “TRUST ME.” The show revolves around the relationship between a copywriter and art director at the fictitious agency, Rothman Greene & Mohr, as they try to navigate the waters of inter-office politics, personality conflicts, easily bruised egos, professional jealousies and unreasonable client demands.

TRUST ME was created by Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny, who have a combined total of over 20 years of experience in the advertising world having worked for J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago . Baldwin and Coveny are also co-executive producers on TNT’s THE CLOSER.

By the look of the trailer, it certainly is no Mad Men, but worth taking a look at the series premier.