A former graphic designer penned a nice article for our friends at Sauced. Along with giving the food glowing reviews, Kirsten Parmer had some might nice words for our branding efforts for Sauced.

“Before I was a food writer, I was a graphic designer. I know full well the power that good design can have over an experience. An average massage in a spa with good graphics, lighting and decor can feel like the best massage ever. Good design can convince you to see movies and buy products and visit places you wouldn’t otherwise.

Sauced, located in the Staunton Mall, is very thoroughly branded. From the logo, to the humorous language on their website, to the custom designed artwork on the walls proclaiming that “loud children will be served a side of duct tape” — it all hangs together in a very well-thought-out and professional manner.”

We like the sound of that. Hats off to the crew at Sauced for giving us the leeway to get it done. If you’re interested, you can read the rest of the article right here.