Big news for Hook. We won our first ever assignment from the U.S. Government. Our task is to brand the U.S. Department of Design Standards created by the Obama administration to establish a new standard of design excellence throughout America.

Upon announcing this new arm of the White House, the President introduced the program with this speech:

“The eyes of the world are watching us. In a day where Social Media is common place, in a time when the Internet connects us to people around the globe, in an hour when more countries are investing in the United States, it is time for all of us, to unite under a new set of design standards. No more can we allow old fashioned logos to date our country. No longer can we parade around in silly Crocs or tee-shirts with crude slogans. We have to redesign NASCAR, which don’t get me wrong, is an American original, but one that needs to be redesigned to end the over-cluttered mess of logos in favor of one simple logo per car. English Tudor homes will no longer be acceptable. Clothes will be designed with straighter lines and less fleece and flannel. In this time of economic recovery, when the eyes of investors from around the world are pouring over our Facebook profiles, our MySpace pages and looking at our homes on Google street view, it is time we look like the greatest and most polished nation on earth. The United States Department of Design Standards, chaired by some of the most talented designers in the U.S., will lead us to a future where everything is more beautiful, more inviting and less wrinkled. The Italians, the Swedes, the Germans will no longer set the standard for world design. America will.”

As an agency, this will be one of our greatest challenges. Our new client ensured us that we will have the multimillion  dollar budget needed to blanket the United States with a large scale ad blitz, including network television, radio, online and social media. As of this writing, website designs being reviewed by White House staff.

Phil Waggoner, a Partner and Planner at Hook said, “This is just awesome. We’re really looking forward to helping the country upgrade their look. In fact, we’re working with some mighty big brands to develop clothing style guides for both men and women that will be direct mailed mid-summer. I’m so glad I wore my orange Pumas to the final client pitch. I think that’s what ultimately pushed the government our way.”

We’re enlisting the help of architects, fashion designers, illustrators and art directors to help create an “American Color Pallate,” that stretches beyond the typical red, white and blue. A logo standards guide will be put in place for all of America and there is talk of having all newly designed logos to be approved by the U.S.¬† Department of Design Standards.

Marianne Thomason, who oversees all production at Hook is looking forward to this massive project, “I really hope we get to meet President Obama in one of our next client meetings so I can personally thank him for awarding Hook this account. We will make him so proud to have chosen us. ”

The pitch for the U.S. Department of Design Standards began in mid-February and included some of the biggest names in the advertising industry.

“No doubt, this is a huge win for Hook,” said Brady, a creative at Hook. “We’re in a new league and I’m so fired up to design some posters and billboards that tell people to kiss their baggy cargo pants goodbye.”

How did a small Charleston, South Carolina agency land such a large, high profile account – and how will Americans react when they they’re told what colors they can paint their homes? We’ll never really know because this is just a silly prank. April Fools.